Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Information system management - The Kiwi Experience Assignment

Information system management - The Kiwi Experience - Assignment ExampleThe paper tells that online reviews tolerate a rich source of information for customers, which have numerous implications on various managerial functions and activities such as construct of a brand, customer attraction and retain, diversification of a product, and quality assurance. Arguably, A persons reputation is a valuable piece of information that can be used when deciding whether or not to interact or do business with Lytras, Damiani & Ordonez. It gives an opportunity for sale, payment of products and services on demand basis as income is generated monthly, since it allows customers to pay by and by consumption. Due to the ability of the users to share in the sites, entanglement 2.0 creates more trust to customers and service and products providers. It also uses multiple channels such as sharing of files or pictures. In addition, common features of a web 2.0 are blogs that offers an opportunity to inte ract with users, whereby they can share ideas, thoughts, and offer important information to the users. In a blog, notice entries is in accordance to their dates and there is an enabled response to and classifying comments. Events and calendars in a web 2.0 enable the provider to keep clients up-to date with current activities. The content in the website is downloadable via copies of a portable document format documents. Clients can also request for forums and the providers can provide the same information online. Response to special offers is also likely with web 2.0. 2. Wiki experience is a web 2.0 version operated by touristry Holding Limited, a New Zealand tourism Company, which is a major player in the tourism industry in the country. Its major target client is the youthful travelers who wish to have fun throughout the touring experience. The kiwi experience uses various features of web 2.0 engineering science that include the ability of the previous customers to upload pict ures of themselves during and after their experience and this is a way of people who meet in the course of touring to remain in invoke with one another. This feature, an indirect marketing tool appeals to people for they can keep memories of the tour fresh for a long time and maintain the contacts made. Apart from building more trust on the website, it also makes it more authentic to people. The other feature of wiki experience is the ability for people to book for trips online and make payment arrangements online without having to put down a travelling agency. By the fact that this is easy, it appeals more to people, saves them time wasted in booking and making payments the normal way. The website also uses social media making it possible for people to communicate on the website, post comments of their experience. Client can make contacts of ahead of their travel and this makes it more fun to choose to travel with the company, giving Tourism Company Limited a competitive advantag e over other players in the market. Apart from offering direct feedback to the company regarding the quality of their services and break apart their customer satisfaction, online marketing also offers an opportunity for customers to know

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