Saturday, May 11, 2019

Scholarly Paper - Healthcare Informatics Theories & Policies Essay

Scholarly Paper - Healthcare Informatics Theories & Policies - Essay Exampleification (CCC), Perioperative nurse data Set (PNDS), the Nursing Minimum Data Set (NMDS), The Nursing Interventions Classifications (NIC), International Classification for Nursing formula (ICNP), the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC).The American Nurses Association has approved thirteen, but only ten are considered crabbed to breast feeding care. NANDA-I will be the main considered terminology in this essay. NANDA-I maintains an agreed gear up of diagnoses, which are hence used to select appropriate nursing interventions and develop desirable patient outcomes. Its taxonomy is organized into 13 domains of nursing practice, 46 classes, and 216 diagnoses. NANDA-I has been found to be used extensively both in the joined States and globally (About NANDA, n.d.).NANDA clear up the way of diagnostic taxonomy in nursing. During the first National Conference on Classification of Nursing Diagnoses, 1973, a t ask force was formed. It later evolved into an incorporated Association in 1982 to help nurses who were in the United States and Canada. The work on classification was begun by Kristie Gebbie and Mary Ann Lavin, faculty at St. Louis University, by calling a classification conference. They influenced the current decisions of the identification-classification process through their belief that nurses should be involved in the development process. A diagnosis is a clinical decision about an individuals response to real or possible health problems. It is the foundation for choosing the appropriate nursing intervention to get an outcome for, which the nurse is accountable. Gordons observation was of diagnosis being a model that puts a meaning on a set of observations therefore triggering understanding and thinking about the set. This phenomenon forms the basis of every diagnostic concept of today (Speksnijder et al., 2011). succeeding to specifying the goals of a proposed system, the iden tification process begins. The subject phenomena are identified. NANDA

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